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Welcome To The Online Portfolio of George Bass

I’m a 29 year old aspiring wrestling photographer. Currently snapping photos of the worlds best professional athletes/artists/entertainers from my seat in the crowd. My work has been featured in articles by Talksport (HERE) Yahoo Japan and on the various social pages of the performers themselves (Adam Cole, Toni Storm, Walter, Ilja Dragunov etc).  Please view my wall of images below (Mix of images taken with a Pixel 2 smartphone and a Panasonic Lumix Compact).

If you like what you see and you are looking for someone capable of capturing unique images and/or providing social content for your company, please get in contact with me through my Twitter. (See Below for my cinematography work)


I hold a degree in Media Production and I have a varied experience in shooting short films, commercial projects and experimental pieces. I have a background in basic animation and I have written pieces of fiction and can write for social media. Please take a look at my showreel below.